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Easter Bunny Biscuits

Every year as Easter rolls around the children get more and more excited. Hmmm, and the adults too. In this case the kids love to receive Easter biscuits like the Easter bunny biscuit and Easter egg biscuit gifts, and the adults love to give them. Not to mention hiding them (and then forgetting where they put them).

Good morning jill , 

I just received my parcel and I absolutely love it . 



Twice Baked - The Old French word bescuit is derived from the Latin words bis (twice) and coquere, coctus (to cook, cooked), and, hence, means "twice-cooked". This is because biscuits were originally cooked in a twofold process: first baked, and then dried out in a slow oven. (From Wikipedia)

It's love at first Bite

(Don't forget - 29th May is international biscuits day!)

Above you can see images of homemade Easter biscuits, egg shaped biscuits, bunny biscuits and more.

Jillybean has been making homemade biscuits, Easter and a multitude of other themes, for more than 10 years and the variety and quality continue to improve, which is difficult to do when they are as good as they are. You can get any shape you want, all you have to do is call or email to discuss. We make ginger, vanilla & chocolate Easter biscuits of just about any shape you can imagine.

Every homemade biscuit is sealed in its own cellophane packet to keep in the freshness. 
If you are looking for customizable home made Easter biscuits of different styles and types then you have come to the right place. We offer a very wide range of iced, decorated & flavoured biscuits.