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Call Jill on 083 318 1762 or 021 785 2082 or e-mail her at (We are Cape Town based but courier our biscuits nationally)

Christmas Biscuit for Presents

Looking for something different in a Christmas gift or present this year? We supply custom / bespoke homemade and handmade Christmas biscuits, decorated and iced to your specs / design. Contact us now to talk to our decorator about designing your own Christmas biscuits. The biscuits come in two flavours; vanilla and ginger.

Each biscuits is individually packed and sealed and we deliver countrywide.

If you want something really special for someone really special then check out the Christmas gift boxes pics.

Twice Baked - The Old French word bescuit is derived from the Latin words bis (twice) and coquere, coctus (to cook, cooked), and, hence, means "twice-cooked". This is because biscuits were originally cooked in a twofold process: first baked, and then dried out in a slow oven. (From Wikipedia)

Christmas biscuits

For millions of people around the world Christmas is a very special day. Properly themed biscuits can add a little something to the festivities during this special occasion.


On this page you can see images of homemade biscuits. Jill has been creating homemade biscuits for more than 10 years
You can get any shape you want, all you have to do is call or email her to discuss. We make ginger, vanilla & chocolate biscuits of just about any shape you can imagine for any occasion; Corporate biscuits (for corporations and businesses - logos and slogans), custom biscuits, wedding biscuits, engagements biscuits, bespoke biscuits, oreos deluxe biscuits, valentines day biscuits, mothers day & fathers day biscuits, biscuits for kiddies and babies and so much more.
Every homemade biscuit is sealed in its own cellophane packet to keep in the freshness. 
If you are looking for customizable home made biscuits of different styles and types then you have come to the right place. We offer a very wide range of iced, decorated & flavoured biscuits. Vanilla, Ginger & Chocolate, to name but a few.