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Call Jill on 083 318 1762 or e-mail her at (We are Cape Town based but courier our biscuits nationally)


Dear Jill,

Thank you very much! The most beautiful cookies arrived today in time for Friday’s party. I just love them! Thank you for your friendly, efficient service and the great product.

All the best,


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Good morning jill , 

I just received my parcel and I absolutely love it . 





Twice Baked - The Old French word bescuit is derived from the Latin words bis (twice) and coquere, coctus (to cook, cooked), and, hence, means "twice-cooked". This is because biscuits were originally cooked in a twofold process: first baked, and then dried out in a slow oven. (From Wikipedia)

Biscuit News

Breaking biscuit news shook the biscuit world earlier this year when fans of the Chocolate Digestives treat found out that they had been happily tucking into their digestives for years, blissfully unaware that... they'd actually been eating them upside down all along!

Celebrate your special occasions.

Birthday biscuits, Easter biscuits, Wedding biscuits, Biscuits for businesses, Special occasion, Anniversary biscuits, Corporate Biscuits, Birthday biscuits, Party Biscuits, Event biscuits, Babies Shower Biscuits, Valentine's biscuits and much more.

"Just Biscuits" may make just biscuits, but we have plenty to offer, namely;
Handmade (hand made) decorated vanilla biscuits, Custom made iced chocolate biscuits, Handmade (hand made)  iced chocolate biscuits, Custom made iced ginger biscuits, Homemade (home made) iced chocolate biscuits, Handmade (hand made) decorated chocolate biscuits, Homemade (home made) iced vanilla biscuits, Handmade (hand made) iced vanilla biscuits, Handmade (hand made) decorated ginger biscuits, Custom made decorated vanilla biscuits, Custom made decorated chocolate biscuits, Custom made decorated ginger biscuits, Custom made iced vanilla biscuits, Biscuits of different shapes. (Just about any shape), Handmade (hand made) iced ginger biscuits, Homemade (home made) iced ginger biscuits, Vanilla biscuits

Top flavours are vanilla, ginger and chocolate   -   Any requests for your own choice of shapes, sizes, flavours or colours are most welcome.


We offer some specials to our clients and potential clients: Custom homemade biscuits

  • Biscuits decorated and iced in just about any way you can dream up.
    • Different colours
    • Different shapes
    • 3D shapes (gingerbread house)
    • You ask, we do, or the nearest thing to.
  • Each biscuit is individually wrapped in cellophane to retain the freshness and amazing taste
    • Ginger biscuits - Customers have told us that they ate ginger biscuits from a sealed packet and after 6 months they were still fresh
    • Vanilla biscuits - We have had feedback from clients saying that they were still fresh after a month
  • We courier our biscuits nationwide, safely
  • Biscuits of just about any shape or size are available


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